At present, the Group has five property projects under different stages of development in Shandong Province of China, namely the Lanting Project, the Meijun Project, the Qinghe Project, the Yintaishan Corn Cultural Project and the Jimo Project.

Shandong is a coastal province and is part of the East China region. Its capital city is Jinan. Our projects located in Zouping County in Binzhou City which is close to Jinan City, and Jimo City in the north-eastern part of Qingdao, both enjoy efficient transport network and are conveniently accessible. Zouping County is a prosperous county in China with 9 local companies listed on the stock exchanges of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Singapore; while Jimo City is a county-level city of Qingdao which experiences robust economic growth.

The Group’s projects in Zouping County and Jimo City have accurately captured the golden opportunities amid the urge for further urbanization initiatives by the People’s Government of Shandong Province.